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Colloque international

Du mercredi 27 mars 2019 au jeudi 28 mars 2019 à 18h00, IFAO géolocalisation IFAO

The 1st Colloquium on Mammisis of Egypt

Ali Abdelhalim

Langue: anglais.

The IFAO is organizing a colloquium on ‘Mammisis of Egypt’. Mammisis, mainly houses for birthing the divine child of each local triad, were multifunctional edifices. Our knowledge of these functions is based on our examination of surviving buildings either at Philae, Kom Ombo, Edfu or Dendera. Most of them are unfortunately ruined, but even more have been completely destroyed, such as those at Qus, Arment, Coptos and Athribis. Therefore, lots of information have been lost.

The colloquium is open for attendance to all scholars and academics interested in the subject on subscription in the limit of available places.

Dead line for inscription 21 March 2019.

In order guarantee the workshop nature of this scientific meeting, only a limited number of attendees will be allowed. Unfortunately the organizers may have to decline some applications considering the needs and research fields of the applicants.The selection should not be seen as an academic evaluation.

Provisional programme

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