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History of Egyptian Coinage and Beyond Conference

International Conference

المؤتمر الدولي

The History of Egyptian Coinage and Beyond:

Conservation, collection Management and Numismatic Studies

تاريخ النقود المصرية وما وراءه

 الترميم وتنظيم المجموعات ودراسات فى علم النقود

Cairo, Egypt, 25 March, 2018      القاهرة ٢٥ مارس ٢٠١٨
Conf Hostory of Egyptian Coinage
The conference:

The Institut français d'archéologie orientale and Ain Shams University are organising an international conference on History of Egyptian Coinage. The conference is organized by Tomas Faucher (IRAMAT-CEB, CNRS/Univ. Orleans) & Naglaa Ezzat (University of Ain Shams) March 25, 2018 at the auditorium of the French Institute in Egypt.

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Simultaneous translation to Arabic will be available for all English and French communications and all the interventions in Arabic will be simultaneously translated into English.

جميع المداخلات باللغة الأنجليزية أو الفرنسية سيتم ترجمتها فوريا للعربية في القاعة كما سيتم ترجمة المداخلات العربية الى اللغة الأنجليزية



List of Speakers and Talks

Nicolas Michel (Ifao), Mohamed Abdel Latif (Ministry of Antiquities), Tomas Faucher (CNRS) & Naglaa Ezzat (Ain Shams University)

Peter van Alfen (American Numismatic Society): Pre-Ptolemaic coinage in Egypt.

Olivier Picard (Institut de France): Les monnaies de fouilles d’Alexandrie.

Julien Olivier (BnF): Archè et Chrèmata en Égypte au IIe siècle avant J.-C. (204-81 av. J.-C.). Étude de numismatique et d’histoire.

Andrew Meadows (New College, Oxford) & Frédérique Duyrat (BnF): Digitization and online databases of coins.

Atef Mansour (Fayoum University): Islamic Numismatics Center, Egypt.

Marie-Amande Coignard, Fanny Dallancourt (Freelance conservators), Raghda Mahmoud, Doaa Eid, Eid Nagy (Egyptian Museum of Antiquites in Cairo): Egyptian Museum of Cairo coin conservation eldschool.

Khaled Ismail, Ibrahim Abd el-Fattah & Almoatz Bellah (GEM): Conservation and study of the collection of coins of the Grand Egyptian museum.

Mona Shahin & Omaima Abdel Hamid (Graeco-Roman Museum of Alexandria): The collection of coins of the Graeco-Roman Museum.

Fatma Ali Abbas, Eman Mohamed , Nesrin Tarek & Haitham Ibrahim (Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo): Coins of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, section 6.

Mona Ashour (Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University): The Graeco-Roman Coin Collections from the Educational Museum of Antiquities.

Andrew Burnett (British Museum): The historical development of the Roman coinage of Alexandria in the 1st and 2nd centuries CE.

Angelo Geissen (Cologne university): Nome coins of Roman Egypt.

Julien Rebière (Université Aix-Marseille): La monnaie de cuivre dans le califat omeyyade.

Said Ramadan (Museum of Islamic Art): The collection of coins of Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo.

Ahmed Mahmoud Dokmak (Cairo University): The Christian Spanish Imitation of Islamic Coins.

Ahmed Hassan (Farouk Corner in Helwan): The collection of medals of the Farouk Corner, Cairo.