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AFRITS2 Colloque

2e colloque international - 2nd International Conference


Ancient Feasts and Rituals (Iconographic and Textual Studies)

Le Caire, 20 et 21 avril 2018 à l'Ifao

AFRITS 2 : Le rôle de la fête jubilaire dans les rituels égyptiens

Après le colloque d’ouverture en novembre dernier à Munich, les membres du programme de recherche AFRITS “Ancient Feasts and Rituals (Iconographic and Textual Studies)” organisent leur deuxième colloque international à l'Ifao au Caire autour du thème : "Le rôle de la fête jubilaire dans les rituels égyptiens", les 20 et 21 avril 2018.

Le programme AFRITS a pour vocation de rassembler toute la documentation relative à la fête-Sed et de l’analyser, afin d’apporter des clés de compréhension du contenu de cette fête et de son déroulement.

Pour de plus amples informations, veuillez contacter les organisatrices du colloque : 

Mélanie Flossmann-Schütze (

& Julie Masquelier-Loorius (

Les séances du colloque sont ouvertes au public sur inscription par mail aux organisatrices


After the opening conference in Munich last November, members of the AFRITS research program "Ancient Feasts and Rituals (Iconographic and Textual Studies)" are organizing their second international conference at the IFAO in Cairo around the subject of: "The role of the jubilee festival in Egyptian rituals", on April 20 and 21, 2018.

AFRITS aims to gather and analyse all the data relating to the Sed-Festival in order to find some clues to understand its content and sequence.

For further information please contact the conference organizers: 

Mélanie Flossmann-Schütze (

& Julie Masquelier-Loorius (

Conference sessions are open to the public on registration by mail to organizers.

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Vendredi/Friday 20.04.18

10:00–10:15      Laurent BAVAY: Opening of the international conference

10:15–10:30    MélanieFlossmann-Schütze& Julie Masquelier-Loorius
Celebrating the Sed-Festival: Temples, Priests, and Decoration Program
10:30–11:15    KyraGospodar
The decoration of the valley temple of Sneferu in Dahshur: new evidence
of ritual scenes
11:15–11:45    Coffee Break
11:45–12:15    FelixRelatsMontserrat
The Sed-Festival in provincial temples: the example of Medamud
12:15–12:45    Jean-GuillaumeOlette-Pelletier
Min and the Sed-Festival: the sʿhʿ kȝ sḥntritual according to the White Chapel
of Senwosret I
13:00–14:30    Lunch Break
14:30–15:15    Hassan Selim
The mud seal of king Den from the tomb of Hemaka (Cairo museum JE 70100)
15:15–16:00    GhadaMohamed
                        Beyond the sign: the form and function of the anthropomorphized signs
in ancient Egyptian festivals and processions applied to the Sed-Festival
16:00–16:30    Coffee Break
16:30–17:00    Massimiliano Nuzzolo
Priests and priestly titles in the Sed-Festival of Niuserre: some considerations on the relief Berlin AM 20078
17:00–17:45    CédricLarcher
                        The sem-priest, a top-ranking performer in the Sed-Festival rites 



Samedi/Saturday 21.04.18

The Sed-Festival and Other Rituals
10:00–10:45    HannahSonbol
                        Crawling, walking, running: the birth cycle preceding the Sed-Festival
10:45–11:15    Aurore Ciavatti
A potential connection between the cult of Min and the Sed-Festival
11:15–11:45    Coffee Break
11:45–12:30    Florence Maruéjol
                        The coronation rites at the eighteenth dynasty
12:30–13:00    Julie Masquelier-Loorius

Jigsawed rituals (2). Rebirth, crowning, regeneration. Combined ritual or junction points between rituals ? 
13:00–14:30    Lunch Break
14:30–15:00    MélanieFlossmann-Schütze
The role of divine standards in the Sed-Festival and funerary processions
15:00–15:45    Yasminel-Shazly
Festivals celebrating the royal ancestors at Deir el-Medina
15:45–16:00    MélanieFlossmann-Schütze& Julie Masquelier-Loorius
16:00–16:30    Coffee Break
WORKSHOP:Patterns for Identifying the Different Stages of the Ritual
16:30–17:30    Defining the structure of the main tool of the program AFRITS: DESERTSDatabase of Egyptian Sed-Festival & Ritual Texts and Scenes.
17:30–18:30    Discussion of the project application, publication, and next workshop in Paris (2019)


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